I have often observed that the language used to describe climate change may have esoteric and missionary dimensions. The commitments to idealistic causes helps us deal with existential questions. In my choreography I question the use of climate change discourse as an answer to our search for sense of purpose.

Work presented at Centre National de la Danse, April 2013. Concept and artistic direction: Jeanne Bloch with Hugo Giordano (dance), Boris Ganga Bouetoumoussa (dance). Sound: Jeanne Bloch, Fran├žois Piednoir, Ben Vanhove, Damien Ropars. Lights: Jeanne Bloch, Nathalie Rozot (PhoScope). Thanks to Ambroise Roux. Sponsors: Chimex, Joby.


Twice Out Of Paradise – Performance from Jeanne Bloch on Vimeo.