About the artist

Jeanne Bloch is an interdisciplinary choreographer-artist & maker (Paris)

Her work values dance and movement beyond the artistic stage redefining the artist’s position within society and its contribution beyond the creation.

Jeanne seeks to develop an artistic expression in which intuitive dimension thrives alongside technological advancements. Lying at the crossroads of movement and e-textiles (integration of flexible electronic modules into fabric), her research results in the creation of unique lighting effects anchored in the choreographic architecture. Jeanne also approaches dance and body movement as a catalyst for sustainable innovation.
Additionally, she works in collaboration with the mathematician Martin Strauss for the development of workshops designed to teach mathematics through dance: Cité des Sciences in Paris, PCMI Math conference in Utah, USA…

Jeanne has been awarded artist’s residencies at 104 Paris, Stereolux – Arts & Techs Lab and Dance-Tech Berlin, Gaité Lyrique Paris. She was an invited artist at Imagine 2020 (Art and Climate Change) summer lab. She also initiated the Ecological Experimentation in Dance Performance Workshop at Théâtre de la Ville, Paris where she presented her research.
She is involved in a number of interdisciplinary « art and science » research networks and has participated in several international conferences in the United States and in Europe: University of Lyon, ARTEM, Nancy, Summer Lab, Portugal, The Year of Light in France (2015), University of Michigan

She obtained a MOOC certificate “Practice Based Research in the Arts” from the university of Stanford during which she got acquainted with auto ethnographic methodologies for art-based research.
Before dedicating herself to artwork, she worked for about 12 years with international organizations on environmental, ethical and economical issues, from child labor to sustainable consumption.

Jeanne lives in Paris. She worked in South Korea, in the Congo (RDC), in Salvador, the USA, Israel and several other European countries. She has studied dance since an early age with prominent teachers: Wayne Bars (ballet), Martha Graham School (New York et Paris), Elsa Volliaston (Afro-contemporary), Martha Rodezno (improv). She always continues to upgrade, update and learn through professional trainings (Rosalind Crisp, Lia Rodriguez, Andrew Morrish, Bill T Jones…)