Universciences – Carrefour Numérique Juin 2016
©All We Need is Dance & Math – Workshops with Martin Strauss

Stereolux, Labo Arts&Techs Nov 2015
Artistic residency and research project.

Invitation by University of Michigan, Mathematics department, October 2015

Artem Organizational Creativity International Conference, 2015
“Light Augmented by Dance, an Art Based Innovation Approach”.

International year of light, 2015
Jeanne Bloch’s works selected by French International Year of Light committee.
international year of light
Fashion Tech Week Paris, 2014
Jeanne Bloch was invited by Digitalarti to create a performance based on her e-textile and dance research that she featured in an old parisian stairs building…..

Salon des Refusés, Futur en Seine, 2014
Invited to present my research on luminous textile and dance during Paris Digital Festival.

Art-Science Conference, Université Lyon 3, 2014
Artists and Scientists facing the Planet future… Video

Dance Tech Berlin, 2014
The Paris based interdisciplinary artist  and sustainability specialist Jeanne Bloch was awarded the dance-tech AIR Berlin for the month of FEBRUARY 2014.

Festival Arts Sciences, La Faïencerie, Théâtre de Creil, 2013
Twice Out of Paradise has been selected to present at F.A.S.T.E. professional day on Arts and Sciences.

Summer Lab 2012 (Imagine 2020, Art & Climate Change)
Invitation by Imagine 2020, Art & Climate Change to Summer Lab #2 at Transforma, Torres Vedras, Portugal to present Twice Out Of Paradise as well as participate to the working groups with other European artists and scientists.

Dance and Ecology roundtable, Théâtre de la Ville, 2011
Jeanne Bloch organized in partnership with the choreographer and dancer Prue Lang, a roundtable discussion on Dance performance and ecological experimentation. With the participation of light designer, Nathalie Rozot, PhoScope.