Light Augmented by Dance Workshops

Our workshops feature a wide array of audiences from professional and non-professional dancers to children and teenagers. Our goal is to address climate change through our passion in sustainable lighting and dance.
Six years ago, Jeanne Bloch started to use light as a choreographic material instead of the regular conventional stage lighting instruments because of their costs in terms of energy. Her passion led to the development of an aesthetic “lumino-choreographic” material that ignites with physical movement. Not only does this material re-invent the art of choreography, it is also a more cost effective and sustainable solution to lighting.
Our workshops are targeted to all age groups, professional or non-professional dancers and our focus is to get this started in schools, science, art, and dance museums.
The length of our workshop can range anywhere between 2 hours to 10 days and we offer complementary e-textile sewing lessons for all age groups.
We bring you all the equipment you may need for the workshop, such as our luminous T-shirt, and we also have our trained set of professional dancers.

Below, workshop with Ballet du Nord and Lille Dance Universtity students, March 2015.

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Video: SlikaProd (English subtitles available)